Anubis Examination System

An online examination system created in cooperation with the DACS research group. Aimed to be more extensible and usable than current solutions.

Jakub Orlinski, Kaj van Rijn, Mihnea Udrea, Rafael Dulfer

What are our bachelor projects

Most universities end their bachelor programs with a half a year long research paper. However, we at the University of Twente do this a little different. To represent our focus on project work during out bachelor programmes the bachelors Technical Computer Science and Business & IT have split their respective final projects into two parts. First off, a practical application of their knowledge, and secondly a research oriented project. While both bachelor programmes share their research project, they have a unique practical project. For Technical Computer Science this is the Design Project, and for Business & IT this is the BIT Inc. project.




CS: Design Project - 2020/2021 1A


BEN ER is a system designed in order to help dine more responsibibly in order to...

, Konstantin Averkin, Lucian Chirca, Patrick Ignatius, Ruben Govers, Ruben Smink

Anubis Examination System

An online examination system created in cooperation with the DACS research group...

Jakub Orlinski, Kaj van Rijn, Mihnea Udrea, Rafael Dulfer


Many students spend hours summarizing large texts. Here at Twente, one needs to ...

Barış İmre, Kevin Singpurwala, Michael Mulder, Yoeri Otten

Canvas Frontpage Plugin

Currently, it is hard for teachers to create a visually appealing front page for...

Fabian Thomas, Frank Groeneveld, Julian Stellaard, Litian Li, Sjoerd Kruijer


Gemicai is an open source deep learning library with extensive functionality for...

Kevin Alberts, Mateusz Jaworski, Niek Heinen, Sieta de Jong

THOPOC: Twente House Cup Point Counter

The number of students following the TCS program has been rapidly increasing ove...

Alain Jansen, Bob Oldengarm, Egbert Dijkstra, Jesse Rengers

CS & BIT: Research Project - 2019/2020 2B

Bag-of-words location retrieval: including position of local features

Analyzing whether two photos depict the same scene can algorithmically be done b...

Cas Sievers

Biologically Realistic Artificial Neural Networks

A typical artificial neural network (ANN) is traditionally trained using stochas...

Matthijs Kok

Illuminated feedback in an online classroom: Will it help or hinder?

This research shows whether illuminated biofeedback techniques can help students...

Nikki Zandbergen

Encoding Deadlock-Free Monitors in the VerCors Verification Tool

When developing a concurrent program, a deadlock is never the intended result. H...

Matthijs Roelink

Improving information retrieval by semantic embedding

This research focusing on using semantic embedding to improve the performance of...

Ye Yuan

Activation function impact on Sparse Neural Networks

While the concept of a Sparse Neural Network has been researched for some time, ...

Adam Dubowski

Automated Assessment of Learning Objectives in Programming Assignments

With online forms of education, it has become harder to ‘gauge the room’ and get...

Arthur Rump

Autoencoder-based cleaning of non-categorical data in probabilistic databases

This report investigates the use of autoencoders to remove noise from non-catego...

F. P. J. Nijweide

A Binary Decision Diagram based approach on improving Probabilistic Databases

This research focusses on improving Binary Decision Diagram algorithms in the sc...

Kaj van Rijn